Topic outline

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    The subject contains topics of introduction, Stress, Strain, Hooke's Law, Bending, Mechanical Properties, Transformation of stress, Axial Load, Transformation of Strain Torsion, Beam Bending, Transverse Shear, Combined Loadings, Deflection of Beams and Shafts and Mohr's Circle


    At the end of the subject, students should be able to:

    1. Apply the knowledge and principles of mechanics of materials in engineering design. [PLO1, C3]
    2. Identify and display appropriate experimental techniques in mechanics of material through laboratory experiments. [PLO5, P2]
    3. Demonstrate the ability to work and communicate effectively in engineering project using the principle of mechanics of material. [PLO6, A3]


    Dr Olawale Ifayefunmi (

    Mohamed Saiful Firdaus Hussin (