Weekly outline

  • General

    • Week 1

      Covers basic operation on vectors and matrices, properties of matrix multiplication, determinants and inverse matrix, adjoint and co-factor matrices
    • Week 2

      Covers introduction to a linear system, Gauss Elimination. LU Decomposition and Gauss Seidel method to solve a linear system (The content is the same as Chapter 3 in Numerical methods)

    • Week 3

      Covers Bisection method, Simple Fixed-Point iteration and Newton Raphson for solution of non-linear equations (The content is the same as Chapter 2 in Numerical Methods)

    • Week 4

      Covers the application in solving eigenvalues and eigenvectors using Polynomial method and Power method.

    • Week 5

      Covers properties and powers of complex number and Euler formula.

    • Week 6

      Covers loci in the complex number and function of a complex variable.

    • Week 7

      Covers Newton's Interpolating polynomials and Langrange Interpolating Polynomials (The content is the same as Chapter 4 in Numerical Methods)