Topic outline

  • Course Information

    Topics covered: Errors; Solution of Nonlinear Equations; Solution of Linear Systems; Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; Interpolation and Curve Fitting; Numerical Differentiation; Numerical Integration; Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations; Solution of Partial Differential Equation


    Upon completion of this subject, the student should be able to:

    1. Use various numerical methods to find roots for nonlinear equations and solve for linear systems. (PO1)

    2. Apply numerical methods in differentiation, integration, ordinary differential equations and partial differential 

        equations to solve the mathematical problems.(PO1)

    3. Implement numerical methods in solving engineering problems. (PO1)

    4. Determine polynomials using interpolation and curve fitting (PO1)2


    Dr. Loh Ser Lee (, 

    Irma Wani binti Jamaludin (, 

    Loi Wei Sen (