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    The practice consists of introduction to basic knowledge of using manual hand tools and equipment, machine tools, welding, fabrication, lathe, milling, and some manual work within manufacturing daily activities. It introduces common equipments for performing manufacturing works such as lathe and milling machine, arc welding, TIG/MIG welding, sheet metal forming etc. Due to its nature as introductory course, students are required to prepare at home before having the practice to acquire any knowledge concerning the practices.


    Upon completing this subject, the student should be able to:

    1. demonstrate proper use of all equipments and requirement

    2. recognize the safety measures in handling the non-traditional manufacturing machineries

    3. produce and fabricate product based on technical drawing that meet specific tolerance

    4. write a technical report which includes constructive discussion illustrating their project

    5. cooperate in a team and contribute to project outcome


    Dr. Norfariza binti Ab Wahab (norfariza@utem.edu.my)