Weekly outline

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    Modeling and simulation introduces the students to principles and techniques of discrete event simulation. This is a powerful system tool for analyzing a wide variety of complex engineering and business problems. Students will learn to model a real system, use the main computational and programming instruments and simulation language to program the model. Students also will be exposed to design and evaluate simulation experiments.


    At the end of the subject, students should be able to:

    1. Describe and apply the principles and techniques of simulation.
    2. Construct models of discrete event simulation for manufacturing systems.
    3. Use simulation software to design and analysis manufacturing systems using statistical technique.
    4. Construct and deduce result for simulation based experiments.


    • TAN HAUW SEN RIMO (tanhauwsr@utem.edu.my)
    • MOHD SOUFHWEE BIN ABD RAHMAN (soufhwee@utem.edu.my)