Weekly outline

  • General


    This subject prepares students with the basic concept of multimedia, technology and the importance of multimedia application. It covers the introduction to multimedia elements such as Text, Graphic, Audio, Animation and Video include 2D / 3D graphic and authoring, multimedia integration and multimedia application development. During lab sessions, students will be introduced to several tools for selected media element and authoring software for media integration. In addition, students will be trained for practical preparation of still image, simple animation, sound and effectively apply it to multimedia project. Students also will be exposed to teamwork, leadership, problem-solving and communication skills while performing their various tasks and project. Blended Learning / Flipped Classroom / Cooperative Learning (CL) / Problem Based Learning (PBL) / Collaborative Learning approach will be used to enhance students capability such as competency, attitude, knowledge and communication skills.


    Upon completing this course, the students should be able to:

    1.Interpret the core concept of multimedia elements (C3).

    2.Manipulatmultimedia applications by combininelements of text, graphic, audio, video and animation according to current needs (P3, LL2).

    3.Demonstrate problem solving skillfor multimediproject development (A3, C3, CTPS1).


    Siti Nurul Mahfuzah Mohamad, Norasiken Binti Bakar.