Weekly outline

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    Topics covered: more advanced C/C++ programming principles such as pointers, characters and strings, structures, unions, bit manipulations and enumerations and file processing. Chapters are integrated with problem solving methods. The subject is a compulsory to strengthen programming skills in students. Visual C++ IDE will be used for demonstration and laboratory sessions in this subject.


    At the end of this subject, the students should be able to:

    1.     Apply advanced programming principles and algorithms in C++ programming language.

    2.     Construct C++ programming structure using advanced programming techniques and principles.

    3.     Design and develop well-structured and reliable program in C++ programming language.

    4.     Follow regular engineering practice to present report development of application program.

    5.     Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal responsibility in code of conduct.


    • NORFADZLIA BINTI MOHD YUSOF (norfadzlia@utem.edu.my)
    • IKA DEWI SAIFUL BAHRI (ikadewi@utem.edu.my)
    • ABDUL KADIR (abdulkadir@utem.edu.my)
    • ROSZIANA BINTI HASHIM (rosziana@utem.edu.my)
    • AIMAN ZAKWAN BIN JIDIN (aimanzakwan@utem.edu.my)